Product of Finland

Diesel Vodka is produced and bottled in the Southeast of Finland at Saimaa Beverages Distillery,
following a long tradition of premium spirit making combined with state-of-the-art methods to achieve the high quality standard of our vodka.

Rakvere Grains

Producing Diesel Vodka begins with the selection of the finest Rakvere grain as the basic natural raw material. Our strict Finnish quality control processes ensure that only the best high quality grains are used for the distillation process. For achieving the utmost level of purity and quality, we repeat distillation five times. The result is a rectified grain spirit of 96.7% alc. by volume strength – the perfect basis for Diesel Vodka.

Lake Saimaa Water

For the making of Diesel Vodka we only use the crystal clear water of lake Saimaa. Fully compliant with E.U. regulations, it comes through the thick layers of sand and morraine pebble, working as a natural filter. We then expertedly filter the water again at our factory for achieving an outstanding purity and softness. No additional intervention into the water is done, which allows the preservation of the perfect, natural quality and purity.

A Bottle to Preserve

Each batch of Diesel Vodka is bottled at our factory on the banks of Saimaa lake. We believe that a vodka as pure and tasteful as Diesel Vodka deserves a packaging which matches its premium standard. Therefore, our bottles are sourced and shipped from France, designed and crafted by one of the most prestigious and experienced glass manufacturers in the world. The distinctful enchislement of clear ornaments in the design of the bottle as well as a 24 carat layer of gold and platinum lettering truly make a bottle of Diesel Vodka a bottle to admire.