Our Philosophy

Only the best

When we brought Diesel Vodka to the world at the banks of Saimaa lake in southeastern Finland, this has been our credo for the brand. As a team of true connaisseurs, we are inspired by the art of celebrating life. At Diesel Vodka we believe in having only the best for creating a world-class vodka. We strive to be the premium vodka distilling company using only the highest quality ingredients.

The Art of Celebrating Life

Pure luxury for anyone who enjoys the richness of life to its full extend. Our efforts have always been focused on providing a premium vodka of the highest quality. Over the years, we have been devoted into sourcing the finest natural ingredients for Diesel Vodka and have refined our distilling process for superb products with a smooth, balanced taste. Quality and purity define our core values, as it is the premium design and image of our products.

The purest water from Saimaa Lake, the finest grain, an advanced high-tech distilling process in addition to an artistically enchased bottle with a 24 carat gold and platinum layer blends into the finest vodka from Finland. Diesel Vodka. A quality product with a global projection, for all those who share these values.