Diesel Vodka

„Winner of multiple gold medals in San Francisco Spirits World Fair and Catavinum World Wine & Spirits Competition – Spain 2017.
For its outstanding taste and quality, Diesel Vodka is distilled five times
using the finest high quality Rakvere grain and the pure, crystal clear
waters of Lake Saimaa in southeastern Finland. Accompanied by a
luxurious bottle, designed and manufactured in France and decorated with
a 24 Karat gold and platinum lettering, Diesel Vodka is the clear choice of true connaisseurs who understand how to celebrate life.“

Only the best

We promise that only the best will do. For the making of Diesel Vodka and for you.
Created by experts with passion, using only the highest quality ingredients.
Resulting in a truly unique premium vodka with a smooth, crisp taste.
Ready for enjoying the art of celebrating life.

Additional Flavours

The Premium Taste

Diesel Vodka Premium

It’s a little known fact that the word ‘Vodka’ is actually a derivative from the word water, and water is what makes
all the difference.
For the making of Diesel Vodka we only use the crystal clear water of Lake Saimaa, also known as ‘the pearl of Finland’.
Fully compliant with E.U. regulations, it comes through the thick layers of sand and moraine pebble, working as a natural filter.
It is then improved through our distinct high quality filtering system, which purifies and softens the water while still preserving all of its natural and unique attributes.
No additional intervention to the water is done, which allows the preservation of the perfect, natural quality and purity.

Smooth like Honey

Diesel Vodka Honey

With Diesel Vodka Honey we have created a perfectly rounded taste of smoothness
with just a little touch of honey while preserving the outstanding purity and quality of Diesel Vodka. Diesel Vodka Honey
is the ultimate delight when it comes to a soft, yet warm flavour with a subtle edge.
As a Winner of multiple gold medals in San Francisco Spirits World Fair and Catavinum World Wine & Spirits Competition – Spain 2017,
Diesel Vodka Honey has been recognized as a splendid premium vodka for those who prefer it a little more smooth.

Tinge of Fruitiness

Diesel Vodka Acai Blueberry

An Acai berry has a distinctive taste, combined with blueberries it is a veritable explosion for the taste buds.
With the extracts of the finest, handpicked berries, our experts have created a new Diesel Vodka flavor, which has that special taste of sweetness.
Fresh and vibrant in palate, Diesel Vodka Acai Blueberry blends the rich and
slightly tart but sweet flavor of the fruit with the high quality of Diesel Vodka.

Tinge of Fruitiness

Diesel Vodka Pineapple

Clean with a vibrant tropical flavor that balances the tastes of sweet and tart.

Twist of Coffee

Diesel Vodka Double Espresso

Looking for a little bit of strength?
With Diesel Vodka Double Espresso, we have consulted some of the best barristas in the world
and added the distinct taste of a perfectly roasted and brewed double Espresso.
The result is a unique flavour full of energy and strength blended with the pure and smooth taste of Diesel Vodka.

We will keep you updated!